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"My Kitchen"

  • Sunday, 13 February 2011
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  • My kitchen by James Rollins

    "My Kitchen" was created by the artist James Rollins. The image was created using HDR tone-mapping via photomatix (check out his description notes for the full process information).

    I really like this picture, the colours and textures are well brought out using HDR. The image itself, of a warm and cosy kitchen, looks like an old rustic period kitchen (it probably is!-- I haven't checked with the artist) from the last century.

    Totally love it. I've only just gotten into HDR tone-mapping myself, and so I can't give an expert opinion on HDR processing and the like, but it's from artists like James Rollins that I draw inspiration from.

    If you like this too, please support the artist by checking out "My Kitchen" via his redbubble account and definitely give his redbubble portfolio a look!

    Permission to share the artist's work was kindly given by James Rollins. All rights reserved by the artist.

    Until next time....

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