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"Taking a back seat!"

  • Friday, 28 January 2011
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  • "Taking a back seat" by Richard Ray

    Throughout my secondary school days, I used to take this bus every day during the mid-week. I loved the freedom of getting on and off at any time while the bus was stationary (dangerous, I know -- hey, I was a kid!). The London routemaster bus really is iconic. It has been copied by other cities around the world, and some old relics have a new life in these cities!

    Here is another shot of the routemaster bus, number 9 route. Top deck.

    HDR tone-mapped in photomatix, 3 exposures from a single jpeg file, finished up in GIMP.

    View and purchase via redbubble.

    Until next time.....

    "We take a right turn!"

  • Thursday, 27 January 2011
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  • "We take a right turn!" by Richard Ray

    This picture was taken on the top deck of the number 9 bus (routemaster bus - preserved on a heritage line in Central London) one afternoon last year.

    Turning right at Piccadilly Circus, heading towards Trafalgar Square. The viewer at the window is looking towards Leicester Square.

    HDR tone-mapped in photomatix, 3 exposures from a single jpeg file. Layered and edited in GIMP.

    You are welcome to view / purchase via my redbubble account

    Until next time.....

    The Old 'A' stock!

    The Old A Stock! by Richard Ray

    London Underground Metropolitan line ‘A’ stock train waiting at Aldgate Station for the run to Uxbridge (calling at all stations, including Liverpool Street, King’s Cross, Baker Street).

    HDR tone-mapped using photomatix, 3 exposures from a single jpeg file. Edited in GIMP.

    If you like this, please view and purchase via my redbubble account.

    Until next time....

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    Starbucks by the Docks (HDR)

  • Friday, 21 January 2011
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  • Starbucks by the Dock (HDR) by Richard Ray

    This is one of my earlier works that I decided to go over again in HDR. I used photomatix for the tone-mapping process and touched it up using GIMP.

    "Starbucks by the Dock" is located in St. Katharine's Dock, which is just past the tower of London (just east). Well worth a visit!

    I never wrote about the original uploaded work in this blog, so if you're interested, take a look at the original here.

    I'm sure you'll agree with me, the new HDR version looks better! (well, I thing so anyway!)

    Until next time...

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    New Changes

  • Wednesday, 19 January 2011
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  • I have been hard at work today selecting and implementing a new layout to my Blog in order to make it more in keeping with our overall theme.

    I like the new layout, and more importantly, I feel that it enhances the pictures a little bit better than the old layout (much like a new wallpaper).

    Comments are welcome!

    Until next time.....

    "Looking back with rose tinted glasses"

    "Looking back through rose tinted glasses" by Richard Ray

    Only uploaded for sale a few hours ago, yet it has attracted several comments already!

    I called this "Looking back with rose tinted glasses" as a play on words given the subject matter and the red tint overlay of the picture itself.
    If you look closely at this picture, you may just pick out at least two other red objects captured in this scene.

    Number 15 stopping on the Strand, London, 2010. One of only a few in service (running heritage routes in Central London).

    HDR tone-mapped in photomatix, 3 exposures from a single jpeg file, overlayed, sharpened and tinted in GIMP.

    View and purchase via redbubble.

    Until next time.....

    Abandoned (HDR)

  • Tuesday, 18 January 2011
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  • Abandoned (HDR) by Richard Ray

    Loyal readers of this blog will recognise the above photograph as I've commented on this picture before.

    I've basically decided to rework my earlier artwork in HDR tone-mapping via photomatix. This is the final result. The funny thing with this particular piece is that initially I didn't like it when I finished it. But, a day later, I'm starting to warm to it. One thing I do like about it, is the depth it seems to have; it almost turns the trains and the buildings 3-D.

    On the whole, I personally think that this is a huge improvement from the original image.

    See my original blog post about this photograph here.

    If you like it, please view or purchase via my redbubble account.

    Until next time.....


  • Saturday, 15 January 2011
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  • Routemaster (HDR) by Richard Ray

    This was really experimental when I took it. Usually it isn’t a great idea to shoot out of a window, especially when the window is part of an old routemaster confined to retirement in 2004, but now working the tourist routes.

    I thought that i’d give this a once-over using HDR. Personally, I’m very pleased with the results.

    HDR tone-mapped using photomatix, 3 exposures from a single Jpeg file, finished up in GIMP.

    The Routemaster here is the Number 9 Bound for Piccadilly (Trafalgar Square immediately behind).

    Personally, I love old routemaster Busses, and I always get on one when I have the chance!
    (there is only two heritage routes using these busses in London now, and they only cover the tourist areas in London).

    If you like this, please view and purchase via my redbubble account.

    Cafe Rouge

  • Friday, 14 January 2011
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  • Cafe Rouge by Richard Ray

    This image was taken at some point last year but only just been worked on.

    I have recently started experimenting with tone-mapping in photomatix and I managed to come up with this image after experimentation. I tried to turn the Brickwork more redder than it was to fit in with the overall theme of the cafe.

    HDR, 3 exposures from a single image, tone-mapped in Photomatix and tweaked in Gimp (Colour layered, red and green).

    Please view and purchase via redbubble.

    Until next time....

    London Town

  • Thursday, 13 January 2011
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  • London Town by Richard Ray

    This is my first attempt to do HDR processing on my pictures. I used Photomatix for the whole process.

    I really like how this turned out.

    The original photograph was taken earlier in 2010 but I held off editing this photograph until now.

    If you like this, please view and purchase via my redbubble account.

    Until next time....

    Commercial Street

  • Tuesday, 11 January 2011
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  • Commercial Street by Richard Ray

    Taken at some point in 2010 last year.

    Commercial Street has special historical character. One of the pubs Jack the Ripper is said to frequent is on this road and his second victim was said to have died just off the Road in Buxton Street.

    On a lighter note, Uptown Spitalfields market (built in 1887—and a poorer market back then) is also off this Road.

    I chose to focus on this building because this building is a typical Victorian building built in the 1840’s. I really love history and I love to focus on the buildings that remain standing to this day. Thankfully, this whole area is much as it was back in the Victorian era, with whole streets left unchanged.
    Well worth a visit if you’re in London!

    The area is home to a vibrant Asian community and this adds a distinct character of it’s own! one of my favourite spots in London.

    Available for purchase via redbubble.

    Until next time....

    The White Bishop

  • Monday, 10 January 2011
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  • The White Bishop by Richard Ray

    This is the Second image that I'd like to share with you today.
    For obvious reasons, I've decided to call this "The White Bishop."

    Personally, I really like the blurring effect behind the Bishop, and I think this serves to enhance the atmosphere of this piece. I captured this by using a zooming lens over the top of my normal camera lens (which helped to bring out the detail and naturally blurred the rest).

    The image underwent sharpening and I increased the image's contrast too.

    Unlike the previous image that I've posted today, This picture can be purchased as a Greeting card / Postcard, Matted Print, Laminated Print, Mounted Print, Canvas Print, and Framed Print (The previous picture, due to size limitations, could only be purchased up to the Matted Print size).

    Part of the "In Miniature Collection"

    Until next time....

    You Lose!

    You Lose! by Richard Ray

    I have two pictures to share with you today. Recently, I've been so busy that I've haven't had time to do write any Blog updates!
    So let me rectify this by posting two of my recently created images.

    I've taken this particular piece a couple of days ago.
    I managed to get this image while experimenting with focused shots on some chess pieces. One of the images that I took came out a little blurry; but after cropping, tweaking and editing, I managed to come up with this effect.

    Unfortunately, due to cropping 50% of the image (cutting out a knight and some really terrible blurring of a background object) and extensive editing of the rest, this image can't be purchased as a frame or a canvas. Instead, readers who love this may be able to purchase it as a Greeting card / Postcard or Matted Print.

    I came up with the title as the image conjures up the feeling of failing and losing. In this case, the victor was the White Bishop (among others).

    Part of the "In Miniature Collection"

    Until next time....

    The Mayflower

  • Saturday, 8 January 2011
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  • The Mayflower by Richard Ray

    I wanted to talk about "The Mayflower" as it has just been featured in one of Redbubble's Groups -- "Everything old is new again!"
    This is a group that collects artwork, photography, digital art that captures the bygone era.

    Their group description:

    "We are looking for the time frame of 1700 to 1950 which is a 250 year window.

    We will accept photos of heritage listed buildings, old buildings, old homes, chandeliers, furniture, interiors, statues, trams and trains, ornate staircases & fountains etc, or other manufactured items that were built or manufactured before 1950.

    This group will also accept vintage photos and photos of antiques, photos of architecture or architectural photos.

    We are only looking for photos that show the item in its original pristine condition, or if the item has been lovingly restored – we do not accept anything run down or dilapidated or rusted away".

    Check this group out! --- Personally, I love old things (as noted many times, I'm totally interested in history and historical things so this group appeals to me).

    I'm glad this photograph got featured, as I'm personally pleased how this particular piece turned out.

    Please check out my other Blog, "Through the eyes of a Londoner," as I talk about "The Mayflower" in greater depth.

    As always, if you love this, you can purchase it here.

    Until next time.....

    Victoria Park

  • Friday, 7 January 2011
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  • Victoria Park by Richard Ray

    This was taken early in September of last year. It is an unedited photograph of Victoria Park (Tower Hamlets, East London) with the view toward the West.

    You may view and purchase this photograph via my redbubble account.

    Until next time....

    Off the Rails!

  • Thursday, 6 January 2011
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  • "Off the Rails" by Richard Ray

    This is a different angle from my other picture called "Abandoned."

    A shot taken earlier in 2010 of a couple of Tube trains placed on the roof of a building in Shoreditch, East London (just up the road from Bishopsgate, City of London).

    This picture hasn't been edited except for some sharpening. A very unusual sight in London.

    Available for sale via my Redbubble account.

    Until next time......

    Playing catch-up!

  • Wednesday, 5 January 2011
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  • Catching up! by Richard Ray

    I'm not sure what to think about this picture. I’ve taken and edited this picture some time ago but because I was unsure of it, I’ve only just recently uploaded it!

    I think this was taken and edited back in September 2010. I was taking a break in London's Tottenham Court Road outside Costa Coffee.
    As you can see, I was "Playing catch-up" with some work that I had to do along with my daily (free) paper.

    You can clearly see that i've almost gone overboard with my sharpening and contrasting in this shot but makes for an interesting image overall.

    Let me know what you think.
    Also, what do you think of the larger picture at the top as opposed to the frame view? all comments welcome (email if you like).

    Available for sale via my redbubble account.

    Until next time.....

    Ping my podcast

    Printed in Britain

  • Monday, 3 January 2011
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  • Framed Print: Printed in Britain

    I've taken, edited and uploaded this picture for sale yesterday. A close-up shot of the printed page. The picture was edited using Google's Picasa software.


    Can be purchased here as a greeting card, laminated print, matted print, canvasses or frames.

    Until next time....

    Laminated Print: Printed in Britain


  • Sunday, 2 January 2011
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  • Framed Print: Cufflinks

    This was taken, edited and uploaded earlier in December.

    This photograph is the first in a series of photographs collected together to form the "in Miniature" collection. I hope to eventually have a range of close-up shots of everyday, easily missed objects.

    I really like how this shot turned out. If you like this too, you can purchase this photograph here. You don't have to fork out for a frame, you can also buy it as a greeting card or postcard (costs £1.18 for a postcard, £1.48 for a standard sized greeting card).

    Until next time.....

    Laminated Print: Cufflinks
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