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Heritage Village --- GE Fan

  • Friday, 25 February 2011
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  • Heritage Village - GE Fan by Edvin  Milkunic

    "Heritage Village -- GE Fan" was created by the artist Edvin Milkunic from the United States. In his profile on redbubble, he has several pictures from the heritage site in St. petersburg, Florida, US.

    I chose to feature the GE Fan on this blog as I really liked how he processed the fan, preserving the rustic old look of this object.

    Please support this artist and see more of his pictures from the heritage site (and others) by checking out his redbubble portfolio and by checking out "Heritage Village -- GE Fan via his redbubble account.

    Permission to share this artwork was kindly given by Edvin Milkunic. All rights reserved by the artist.

    Until next time....

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    Cool picture!

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