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2012 : The new lease of life for 'Digital art'

  • Sunday, 22 January 2012
  • D|A
  • 'Digital art' has been and still is one of my favourite projects.

     Having gone over this blog recently, i've seen progress from my initial plan and ideas to what it's become.
     I originally started this blog with the idea to showcase my digital art but now, it's grown to reviewing other artist's digital work (and photography of course); and this is the continued direction for this year.

     I've noticed that my posting have been infrequant in recent months. Starting from this week, I'll be reviewing more artwork. From now on, there should be at least one a week; so keep visiting to see more amazing pieces of art.

    In other news, i've just started up a new blog for those of you who like manga (in fact, i've got two planned). I've recently started trying my hand in drawing manga (and anime) artwork. So if you're interested, head over to 'My manga journey' (a journal of progress - step by step).

     See you in the next post,


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