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Ship in a bottle

  • Friday, 31 December 2010
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  • "Ship in a bottle" by Richard Ray

    Further to my earlier blog today, this is my promised second blog of the day.

    I've called this "Ship in a bottle." Taken around September of this year in Trafalgar Square. The oversized mantle-piece ornament you see here is the latest artwork to adorn Trafalgar Square's fourth Plinth in London.

    I really experimented with this image, editing and overlaying with Gimp (photo-editing software, much like photoshop). I really liked the result.

    As always, if you like this, you can purchase it here.


    Framed Print: Abandoned

    Unfortunately, I was unable to post anything yesterday due to a very busy day.
    Today, I want to make it up to you by posting two posts.

    Here is one of my favourite shots. I took this back in August 2010 in Shoreditch, East London. As you can see, the sky was a perfect blue! not a cloud in sight.

    I call this photograph "Abandoned" as a tube train certainly does not belong on top of a building! also, abandoned seems to fit this old train in another way. from my vantage point on the ground, it seems like the inside was gutted and turned into offices! (zoom in closer and you'll see what I mean -- you'll have to click on the frame to see a larger version).

    This is certainly one of the more unusual sights in London. I have to say at this point, that the photograph WAS NOT edited! (apart from a little sharpening, honest!)

    To see this for yourself, travel to Shoreditch High Street station, and it's located around the corner (look out for the drunken monkey pub -- it's located on the road before it).

    As always, if you like this, you can purchase it here.

    There is also another angle of the same shot which is also uploaded for sale. Look out for another post in the very near future when I share this picture with you.
    Well, that's it for now. Check back later today for the second post!

    Until later...

    Laminated Print: Abandoned

    Tate Modern

  • Wednesday, 29 December 2010
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  • Tate Modern  by Richard Ray
    taken outside Tate Modern earlier in December 2010, just before the recent heavy snow we had in London.

    Tate Modern is an absolutely fantastic building. The building houses modern art and photography inside an old power station (ground floor is actually where the turbine was….. a colossal hall!).

    For anyone interested in art, digital art, sculptures or photography, this is one place you should go if you're in the area! Personally, the visit has given me inspiration.
    I now think even more before I take a picture, and I linger more over the picture before I begin editions.

    As always... If you love this artwork, please purchase!

    Until next time...

    Laminated Print: Tate Modern

    Green Gherkin

  • Tuesday, 28 December 2010
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  • Green Gherkin, Gherkin Tower, City of London

    Green Gherkin has been my most popular work online to date, attracting quite a few reviews. The irony of this was that I almost didn't upload it for sale!

    Green Gherkin was photographed and uploaded back in September.

    If you like this, you may purchase via my redbubble account.

    Laminated Print: "Green Gherkin"

    Keeping the Thames clean!

    Greeting Card: Keeping the Thames clean! (Print A)

    This was taken in Wapping in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. The river Thames is in the background and one of Tower Hamlet's many litter bins is in the foreground.

    I took this and completed the editing of this picture a few months back; but I've only just uploaded it for sale as I came up with a few versions of this picture. It was difficult deciding which one to upload.
    I finally decided on this picture but I will upload the other versions to this blog in due course for your comments and reviews. I haven't as yet decided to sell the others, but may decide after getting your viewpoints.

    Stay tuned.

    Unfortunately, due to the low pixel size of this image, I can only sell this picture as a greeting card, a postcard, or a matted print.

    Check it out here.

    Until next time...


  • Monday, 27 December 2010
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  • Framed Print: Home-Time

    This is one of the pictures that I took a few months back, when there was a few more hours in the day. Piccadilly Circus was just behind me while the Road ahead pointed towards Green Park and the Ritz hotel.

    When I took this, the sun wasn't quite beginning to set yet, although it was during the rush hour. I've added more shade and saturation to this picture and sharpened it up a little. Overall, I am happy with the final result.

    Please view and purchase this here if you like it.

    All my pictures shown in this blog are available for purchase from greeting cards and postcards right up to full frames. You are welcome to view more of my art via my redbubble account.

    Until next time...

    Laminated Print: Home-Time

    Money does not grow on trees!.....

  • Sunday, 26 December 2010
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  • Framed Print: "Money does not grow on trees!...."

    I really like this picture, taken sometime in October / November of this year but only just edited and uploaded for sale.

    This was taken in the South Bank, City of London, mere metres from City Hall (Office of current London Mayor Boris Johnson).

    London architecture within the City is getting more and more interesting and even bolder. What I like about this particular image, is the range of designs and patterns converging around a solitary tree. This gave me the idea of the picture’s title: ‘money does not grow on trees!....’

    The title came to me as I scanned over the corporate office buildings surrounding the tree and recalling the difficulties these days of making enough money to live on.

    If you love this, please purchase here.

    Laminated Print: "Money does not grow on trees!...."

    Approaching Bishopsgate

  • Friday, 24 December 2010
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  • Framed Print: Approaching Bishopsgate

    I have just launched a new art collection entitled "Tomorrow's History."

    This particular piece was taken in the present day (2010 -- this week actually), the second artwork in this collection of photographs.

    This was taken in one of the alleys leading into Bishopsgate, City of London.
    I wanted to make a new collection of art that’s taken in the present day, yet made to appear much older. My aim with this new collection is to really get viewers to think that the present day is actually tomorrow’s history.

    Because you might not be able to see the abovee picture, i've included a larger one bellow.

    Buy it if you like it.

    Until next time.....

    Laminated Print: Approaching Bishopsgate

    New Iphone 4 Cases in the Zazzle store

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  • I've just started adding my designs to iphone 4 cases, and I've started with my most popular design, the Green Gherkin.
    Check it out and purchase it here
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