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Yesterday's trees

  • Monday, 21 March 2011
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  • Yesterday's Trees by Wendy J. St. Christopher

    Meet the latest artwork to feature on my blog's wall! I love this photograph.... it's not everyday that I feature photography on my blog, but this definitely deserves to be featured.

    Yesterday's trees was photographed by the artist Wendy J. St. Christopher from Texas, USA. Photographed at Garner State Park, Texas.

    The photograph really appeals to me... I love the country, and I would love to lose myself out there in the fields and woods. Coming from me, being born and raised in a City like London, I know that's not something I can do very often, but this photograph at least reminds me of the country and it's beauty.

    Please check out Yesterday's trees via redbubble as well as the artist's redbubble portfolio for more of her talented artwork.

    Also, Wendy maintains a blog where she provides further insight into her art which is well worth a read!
    By the way, More information about Yesterday's trees can be gathered from Wendy's blog as she discusses the day she captured it.

    Permission to share this artwork was kindly given by Wendy J. St. Christopher. All rights reserved by the artist.

    Until next time......

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  • Friday, 18 March 2011
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  • Ruins by Justin Minns

    Ruins was created by the artist Justin Minns from Colchester, United Kingdom. I was honored to have been given permission by the artist to feature this work in my blog as, looking over his portfolio, he is a very talented photographer.

    Ruins appeals to me for several reasons. First, as I've mentioned previously on this blog, I really like the sea-side and the sea in general. Second, I love history. Third, I love sunsets and sunrises. This piece has all three!

    Please support this artist by checking out Ruins here as well as his redbubble portfolio and website. He also maintains a facebook page.

    Permission to share this artwork was kindly given by Justin Minns. All rights reserved.

    Until next time.....

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    The Number 11

  • Saturday, 12 March 2011
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  • The Number 11 by Richard Ray

    As I'm sure that i've mentioned many times by now, I'm really interested in History and transportation, and I live in London. So it really shouldn't be any surprise to any of my readers why I decided to feature 'the Number 11.'

    The Number 11 bus route in London was one of the routes to withdraw the popular iconic London Routemaster bus from regular passenger service, the last operating day for these buses being October 31st, 2003. The rest of the fleet were withdrawn in 2005.

    Now, save for two heritage routes in Central London (The Number nine and Number 15), the entire fleet of routemasters were replaced by modern buses (in my opinion, there's really nothing special about the modern replacements except for the bendy buses....... they're just all the same with no spark!).

    This particular routemaster bus is even more special than the others as it hasn't been refurbished with the rest back in 1990 (that's a story for another post -- stay tuned!).
    The 1990 refurbishment was of the interior, leaving the outside exactly the same as when the fleet was launched in the 1960's.

    This was rendered in HDR tone-mapping using photomatix, 3 exposures from a single jpeg file and post-processed using GIMP.
    I lowered the saturation a little to make it a little more realistic after the HDR treatment while preserving the details and reflections of a tone-mapped image (as best I could!).
    Afterwards, I sharpened the image to further increase the details and lines of the image.

    Let me know what you think of the routemaster!........

    By the way, If you liked this short summary about the routemaster in London, you'll love reading my other blog, Through the eyes of a Londoner! where I discuss the City and the things inside it in greater detail!

    Until next time...

    "The Number 11" is copyrighted Richard Ray..... all rights reserved.

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