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"Leftover wine"

  • Thursday, 16 February 2012
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  • Leftover wine by sentimentum

    We're back to featuring more outstanding artwork from talented artists!
     I've been meaning to feature this piece for a couple of days now.

    "Leftover wine" was created by Sentimentum, a fellow redbubble artist.
     She has a number of stunning pieces in her redbubble portfolio, but this one immediatly attracted my attention. Was it the subtle light? the dark backround? the reddish colour of the sherry... the reflections in the glass? or the fact that it is broken?

    I would say, all of this..... and proves to me that simple things work. The whole piece conveys an atmosphere of subtle tragedy.  And I really love the blend of colour in this work.
    Our eyes are very quickly drawn to the "leftover" sherry in the glass due to it being the only dash of colour in the picture.

    I could see this picture hanging as a canvas on a white or light wall.

    Please click through to view her work on redbubble and to see what others think of the piece.
    Leftover wine can be purchased as a Greeting card / postcard, Photographic print, Matted, Canvas, Frame or a poster. If you love her work, please support her by viewing her redbubble portfolio.

    Sentimentum's other sites and links can be found bellow:

    > Personal website
    > Bubble site
    > Books
    > Interviews with Sentimentum

    Permission to share "Leftover wine" was kindly given by Sentimentum. All rights reserved by the artist.

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    Copyright: Because artists need to eat too!

  • Thursday, 26 January 2012
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  • Hey guys,

    A quick blog post inspired by my activities over the past hour.

    As you can see ...... it's about copyright. Yea, I know .... the whole copyright thing may be a pain to some. But to many of us, it's literally a bread winner.
    I don't want to rant or anything but being an artist myself, i've formed very strong opinions about the whole issue of copyright.

    Imagine this. In the current recession, after laboring for an hour or so over your work, you host your work online; hoping, quite rightly, that your loyal fan base would appreciate what you produced ( this could be music as well as drawings, digital art, etc) only to find not long after, someone's gone and copied your work and used it to benefit themselves commercially.

    The effort and time taken to do that is surely less than what the artist put forth (their heart when in it too) and yet..... the artist would earn less than they would have done.
    The knock on effect of this, sadly, is that the loyal fan base that the artist generated over time would also lose out.
     Why do I say that?
    Well...... not all artists are well off, they may need to take on part-time work and thus reduce their work output (less work in less time for buyers), some artists haven't even got as far as developing their own fan base yet, if their work get used by others, they may not even find their feet, or it would take longer.

    Lastly, it now takes artists longer to create and upload because, alas, they now have to research into the best ways to protect their artwork online and then to implement what they learnt to individual pieces. Like I said earlier...... I've spent an hour already.

    So, a quick post. Don't see this as a rant, just see it as the other side of the debate on copyright and why it's needed.

    At least for our peace of mind .....

    See you next time when I review more digital art!

    Old friend

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2012
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  • Old Friend by Richard Ray

    Procrastination and laziness is a blogger's nightmare!

    It's also a reader's nightmare, so a quick apology for the lack of posting in recent months. I promised you guys a new artwork to review this week .... and so here it is!

    This is one of my own pieces, taken on a coffee table (Macro shot). The marble was rendered into HDR using Photomatix and sharpened in Gimp.
    I used Photoshop elements to bring out a watercolour effect to finish it off.

    I called the piece "Old Friend" for a special reason. This battle-scarred marble is the sole survivor out of a collection of marbles from my Junior School days. Just looking at the marble now brings it all back.

    What do you guys think?

    Until next time.....

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    2012 : The new lease of life for 'Digital art'

  • Sunday, 22 January 2012
  • D|A
  • 'Digital art' has been and still is one of my favourite projects.

     Having gone over this blog recently, i've seen progress from my initial plan and ideas to what it's become.
     I originally started this blog with the idea to showcase my digital art but now, it's grown to reviewing other artist's digital work (and photography of course); and this is the continued direction for this year.

     I've noticed that my posting have been infrequant in recent months. Starting from this week, I'll be reviewing more artwork. From now on, there should be at least one a week; so keep visiting to see more amazing pieces of art.

    In other news, i've just started up a new blog for those of you who like manga (in fact, i've got two planned). I've recently started trying my hand in drawing manga (and anime) artwork. So if you're interested, head over to 'My manga journey' (a journal of progress - step by step).

     See you in the next post,


  • Wednesday, 25 May 2011
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  • enclosed by Purplecactus

    "Enclosed" was created by the artist Purplecactus from Marburg, Germany.

    This is a truly beautiful piece. Great colours, and an interesting contrast between the foreground and the background. Everything seems to go well together and it captures the imagination.

    This work would look great on the wall in a home; perhaps a home with a light red wall.
    This work is currently available on redbubble as a Matted print, Laminated Print, Mounted Print, Canvas Print, Framed Print, and Poster.
    For those who are not interested in wall hangings, you can purchase the print as a greeting card instead.

    (please note, availability is correct at the time of writing this post).

    Purplecactus has other excellent artwork in his redbubble portfolio, and so it is well worth checking out!

    Purplecactus also has a Zazzle store, a twitter account, a blog and a facebook page.

    Permissions to share "Enclosed" was kindly given by purplecactus. All rights reserved by the artist.

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    True love through time and space

  • Saturday, 21 May 2011
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  • True love through time& space sticker by Nana Leonti

    "True love through time and space" was created by the artist Nana Leonti. There are a lot of really good pieces in her portfolio, among them are some interesting angry birds characters that should please a view fans!

    This piece stood out to me as it is a great concept. Having watched the last Doctor Who episode, this image reminded me of the plot line of that episode. And, may I hasten to add, that I'm a fan of the modern series.

    This artwork is sold via redbubble as a sticker and as a T-shirt.

    Nana Leonti has an extensive portfolio on both redbubble and DeviantARt. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

    Permission to feature "True love through time and space" was kindly given by Nana Leonti. All rights reserved by the artist.

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  • Monday, 11 April 2011
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  • Power by Scott Ferman

    "Power" was created by the artist Scott Ferman from Colorado Springs, United States. It was a real struggle to choose one of his pieces to feature in Digital Art as there are many amazing works of art in his portfolio.

    I decided to feature Power as it really strikes me. its got a good blend of colour, designed to make an impact on the eyes. I really felt drawn to the centre, and was totally captivated.

    Truly a powerful work of art.....

    Please support the artist by checking out Power via his redbubble portfolio. Also, you'd be missing out if you don't view his other artwork in redbubble.

    Permission to feature Power was kindly given by Scott Ferman. All rights reserved by the artist.

    Until next time......

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