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  • Friday, 31 December 2010
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  • Framed Print: Abandoned

    Unfortunately, I was unable to post anything yesterday due to a very busy day.
    Today, I want to make it up to you by posting two posts.

    Here is one of my favourite shots. I took this back in August 2010 in Shoreditch, East London. As you can see, the sky was a perfect blue! not a cloud in sight.

    I call this photograph "Abandoned" as a tube train certainly does not belong on top of a building! also, abandoned seems to fit this old train in another way. from my vantage point on the ground, it seems like the inside was gutted and turned into offices! (zoom in closer and you'll see what I mean -- you'll have to click on the frame to see a larger version).

    This is certainly one of the more unusual sights in London. I have to say at this point, that the photograph WAS NOT edited! (apart from a little sharpening, honest!)

    To see this for yourself, travel to Shoreditch High Street station, and it's located around the corner (look out for the drunken monkey pub -- it's located on the road before it).

    As always, if you like this, you can purchase it here.

    There is also another angle of the same shot which is also uploaded for sale. Look out for another post in the very near future when I share this picture with you.
    Well, that's it for now. Check back later today for the second post!

    Until later...

    Laminated Print: Abandoned


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